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Transylvania – History and Nature in the Godeanu Mountains

  • Bus tour
  • 2 days
  • Perfect for small or middle sized groups

This tour combines forgotten but valuable monuments in the Hațeg Mountains with the undisturbed landscape of the Carpathians. The Godeanu Mountains are made of powerful metamorphosed crystalline schists with patches of sedimentary rocks. In this area, we can admire the Godeanu Peak (2229 m), the Gugu Peak (2291 m) and the Branului Peak (2026 m). Here, just like in the Țarcu Massif, we have glacial formations that give a beautiful alpine look to the whole area. This alpine group is fairly unknown and wild. The forests, the glacial slopes, and the rock walls, which are hard to climb, present a serious challenge to the tourists who hike in this part of the Southern Carpathians. However, the alpine landscapes, the plants, the animals, the fishing and the legends make this trip worth it.


Day 1: Densuș – Sarmizegetusa

In Densuș, we visit the oldest church in Romania, then we drive to Sarmizegetusa. Sarmizegetusa was for a long time the most important commercial, economical and religious center of the Dacians. This location was defended by a ring of fortified villages (Sarmizegetusa, Blidaru, Piatra Roșie, Costești, Căpâlna, and Bănița) that are now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Day 2: The Godeanu Mountains

The Transylvanian Alps in the middle of Romania host the oldest and the most beautiful national park in the Carpathians. The landscape is impressive with high peaks, green valleys, and glacial lakes. We travel towards east on the plateau in the Godeanu Mountains. Here, we see an impressive limestone area known as ‘Piatra lui Iorgovan’, an ancient megalithic rock. The legend says that Iovan Iorgovan split the rock in two with his broadsword to test the strength of the metal, before cutting off the head of a dragon.


Included services:

– 1 overnight stay with breakfast;

– All entry fees;

– Transport with bus/train according to the program;

– English speaking tour guide;