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Timișoara, also called ‘Little Vienna’, belonged for a very long time to the Habsburg Empire and the entire city center is reminiscent of old Vienna as it consists of buildings built in the Imperial era. Moreover, there are numerous claims that Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built one of Timișoara’s footbridges over the Bega River.


Full Day Tour: Roman Findings – Transylvania and the Romans

Going through Lugoj and Deva, we reach Hunedoara and visit one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Southeast Europe. The Hunyadi Castle has the name of its former owner. It was built in 1452 in the Gothic style by Johann Hunyadi and his son Matthew Corvin on a large lime stone.
In the surroundings of the little town of Hațeg, we find a unique mosaic from the early Middle Ages and Antiquity. Sarmizegetusa was the most important commercial, economic and religious center of the Dacians for a long time. This location was defended by a ring of fortified villages (Sarmizegetusa, Blidaru, Piatra Roșie, Costești, Căpâlna and Bănița) that are now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After the visit, we drive back to Timișoara.


Full Day Tour: Banat

Today, we discover the legacy left by the Swabians in the region of Banat. Their culture, their mentality and their history make an impression even today.
Arad is a modern city with an active cultural scene. The center of the city is an attractive, large boulevard from the 19th century with prestigious buildings, a theater, an Orthodox church, a Catholic cathedral, a concert hall, and the town hall built in the Neo-Renaissance style.
On our way to Transylvania, we reach Maria Radna, the largest pilgrimage site in Banat. We visit the church and the Franciscan monastery.
Our next stop is Lugoj. The town was built on Roman ruins and it has an interesting layout. The German side of the city was on the north side of Timiș River and the Romanian side was on the south side. In the evening, we make a stop in Recaș to taste some fine wines.


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