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Fish and Wine in the Danube Delta

  • Bus tour
  • 3 days
  • Perfect for small or middle sized groups

This extraordinary trip takes us to the Danube Delta, a fascinating region surrounded by water and land that has been left unexplored for centuries. It is the best preserved delta in Europe.


Day 1: Bucharest – Constanța – Tulcea

Today, we explore the ancient city of Tomis (now known as Constanța). The port city has one of the largest and most beautiful mosaics in the world. In the former Agora we see Ovid on his stone pedestal. Ovid was a Roman poet best known for his works ‘The Art of Love’ and the ‘Metamorphoses’. A short drive takes us to Histria (formerly known as Istros). This city was founded in the 7th century BC by the Greeks and its ruins are still visible today. Afterwards, we drive to Murighiol. Dinner and overnight stay in a beautiful guest house in Murighiol.


Day 2: Danube Delta Waterways

After breakfast, we climb aboard a ship to see a part of the delta. The Danube branches in three main arms. First, we sail along the main arm and then along the so-called ‘Old Danube’, a labyrinth of waterways, lakes and forests. We also see endangered species of animals like storks, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, and cranes. Lunch on the ship. Dinner and overnight stay in Murighiol.


Day 3: Danube Delta Waterways II

In the afternoon, we visit the Cocoș and Celic Dere monasteries and the village of Niculițel. This village is famous not only for its exquisite wine (which we’ll taste), but also for the impressive early Christian basilica that was discovered roughly thirty years ago. The archaeologists came across other interesting findings: the remains of four Christian believers who were murdered and whose existence had so far been reported only in ancient documents. Afterwards, we drive to Bucharest.


Included services:


– 2x overnight stays with breakfast;

– All entry fees;

– Transport with bus according to the program;

– English speaking tour guide;

– 1x wine tasting in Niculiței;

– 1x boat trip in the Danube Delta with lunch included;