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Welcome to George Turism!

Our travel agency GEORGE TURISM is represented by a small but professional and dedicated team with a 20-year experience in organizing trips to Romania.Our varied offer includes several trips to the most beautiful and interesting regions of Romania. From cultural to religious trips, business to active trips, you are definitely going to find what you are looking for. If you have special requests we’ll be happy to address them; our offer is tailored to your specific needs.

Of course, we will make all the arrangements for accommodation, board, transport, guiding costs, entrance fees, festivity and events etc., but we can gladly organize meetings with people, in order for you to get to know also the people and not only a part of the country. And let’s not forget the culinary highlights that Romania has to offer: you get to enjoy meals served in exclusive locals and restaurants or traditional dishes in farmhouses, wine tasting at wineries and picnics in sheepfolds. All in all, we make sure you have a memorable vacation in Romania.


So, get your luggage ready and come to Romania!


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Gheorghe Minciu

General Manager



Transylvania and Banat are two important regions of our country. In the past, a large number of Germans lived here (Transylvanian Saxons and the Swabians in Banat). In fact, this region is known for its multi-ethnicity: here we find Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Slovakians, and Czechs. More…



Bulgaria – a country in the heart of the Balkans – is a place of undiscovered beauty as culture and tradition have left here significant traces. Bulgaria was once the homeland of the Thracians, the Old Greeks and the Romans. Here, you can witness the splendour of the Byzantine world and discover the main attractions that the Black Sea coast has to offer. More…


Ukrainian Panorama

Ukraine is an interesting country with impressive nature and cities. Its highlights are the city of Kiev, the old Galicia, the northern Bukovina with the cities Lviv and Chernivtsi, and the wooden churches. Traditions and the daily lives of the people offer insight into their culture and beliefs. More…