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Our offer for Sibiu and its surroundings includes trips, hikes, city tours, bicycle tours, special offers, rent-a-car & rent-a-bike from/to Sibiu. Easy to book and flexible conditions! Please find below our program offer and all the details for planning this trip. More…


Around the Făgăraș Mountains

With a maximum height of 2544 m, the Moldoveanu peak is our country’s highest point. The main attractions are the glacial lakes (Bâlea, Podragu Mare, Podragu Mic, etc.), dammed lakes (the largest dam in Romania is Vidraru). More…


Transylvania and Wallachia

For travelers who may be interested in well-preserved medieval vestiges, Transylvania is, without a doubt, a priority among cultural tourist destinations. The Saxon settlers, craftsmen and merchants (who came in the mid-12th century at the invitation of the Hungarian kings) lived mainly in southern and south-eastern Transylvania leaving an indelible mark in this region. More…


The Moldavian Monasteries

Bukovina, a small but beautiful region, with a charming landscape, wonderful mountains and woods, is considered to be the cradle of Romanian Orthodoxy.  The monasteries are adorned with rich fresco-cycles that decorate the inner walls but also the outside walls. Thus, the scenes create a vivid, imposing image of the Christianity of that time. More…