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Bukarest - Atheneum
Schloss Mogosoaia

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Our offer for Bucharest and surroundings includes trips, hikes, city tours, bicycle tours, special offers, rent-a-car & rent-a-bike from/to Bucharest. Easy to book and flexible conditions! Please find below our program offer and all the details for planning this trip.  More…


City Tours

Bucharest is the capital city and the industrial, cultural and financial center of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the south-east of the country, and lies on the banks of Dâmbovița River. More…


The Wallachian Monasteries

In Wallachia, we get acquainted with the Brâncoveanu style. Constantin Brâncoveanu, Prince of Wallachia between 1688 and 1714, loved art and culture. The second half of the 17th century until his execution in 1714 in Istanbul can be characterized as the Romanian Renaissance, as Brâncoveanu brought masters from countries that had a strong tradition in building. More…


Fish and Wine in the Danube Delta

This extraordinary trip takes us to the Danube Delta, a fascinating region surrounded by water and land that has been left unexplored for centuries. It is the best preserved delta in Europe. More…

The Romanian Riviera

The sunny weather from spring to autumn and the miles of golden sand make Romania’s Black Sea resorts the ideal destination for beach holidays. More…

Boat Trip to the Iron Gates

The Iron Gates are a gorge on the Danube River that stretches for 134 km. It forms part of the boundary between Serbia and Romania. Here, we find a hydroelectric dam with two power stations, Iron Gate I Hydro Power Plant and Iron Gate II Hydro Power Plant. More…

Trip to Transylvania

Transylvania (Latin for “the land beyond the forest”) is the Romanian region with the most significant cultural diversity. A breathtaking scenery enhances the beauty of this region. There are plenty of tourist attractions, from the well-known Dracula’s Castle to the medieval cities (Cluj, Sibiu, Brașov) and the fortified Saxon churches. More…