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Around the Western Carpathian Mountains

From Cluj to Turda and from Rimetea to the Bears’ Cave you’ll see the most fascinating sights in the Western Carpathians. More…


Hiking in the Balkan Mountains

Hiking in the Balkan and the Carpathian mountains is a different way of visiting Romania and Bulgaria. The wild beauty of the mountains, together with a cultural program, makes this trip worth taking. More…


Danube Bike Tour

Our bike tour along the Danube takes us through 2 countries, Romania and Bulgaria, and gives us the opportunity to cycle through one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, the Iron Gates. There’s also an interesting cultural program included in the trip thanks to the region’s 2000 years of rich history. More…


Hiking in the Carpathians

This hiking trip through the Carpathian Mountains has an easy – medium difficulty level. On our way, we get the chance to see natural monuments like the Sphinx, cultural sites like Dracula’s Castle and Bucharest, but also the simple way of life in the mountain villages of Măgura and Peștera. More…

Cycling Tour of Maramureș and Bukovina

A road cycling tour, ideal for road and touring bikes, taking you through thick forests, stunning mountain passes and charming villages. More…